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Words of Encouragement
Our Projects of Hope

Welcome | Together, we can do more

We are not born happy, sad, wealthy or successful. We are born with potential. Potential is nothing if not nurtured. We see a lot of human potential go waste in many communities in Ghana and abroad as a result of barriers of extreme poverty, deprivation, exclusion, disease, hunger, discouragement and limited opportunities. In many cases they are through no fault of those who suffer these the most.

But this is the life, and this is the purpose of existence.

Whiles no one person, government or charitable organisation can improve all these difficult conditions, a little kindness from everyone can make a big difference, and the ripple effects can be overwhelming.This is where we see huge potential to help – and with your thought and kind actions, we can do more.

For many years International Needs Ghana has made great strides in reaching many communities in Ghana with various developmental projects, bringing hope to many individuals and families by providing skills and empowering the most vulnerable to make the most of the little they have. Thankfully, we have had the support of many generous individuals, businesses, foundations and organisations, and we have been abundantly blessed by the prayers of many.

"Choose being kind over being right, and you'll be right every time."
-Richard Carlson

We welcome you to our website. Hopefully this will be the beginning of a long, deep collaboration between you and us. It has to do with the quality of people’s life. This is about life. This is about hope. This is about lending a hand, especially at a time that it is most needed. Development is about people.

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